Tru-Cook Rotary Cereal Cooker

The Tru-cook batch rotatory cereal cooker is designed for continual process of milled or whole cereal products which include Bran, Corn and Wheat. This will deliver a high quality consistent product because the rotary cereal cooker is constantly cooking under steam pressure.

Tru-Cook Rotary Cereal Cooker

The design of the cooker has a central static steam injection shaft with two vertical vent stacks which also allow mixing of the product as it rotates through its cooking cycle, the complete conical shaped cooker rotates around the central shaft for even and thorough cooking which allows the cooking process to be stable & repeatable. Thus retaining the nutritional elements of the product but also not compromising the texture of the breakfast cereal.

The heavy duty construction of the cooker incorporating 10mm thick body & 35mm thick end plates minimises condensation internally and externally during the cooking process.

The high quality slide valve is operated through an inverter controlled geared motor unit via a chain drive system, allowing the cooker to turn independently, The slide valve drive has a torque coupling to safeguard the operation worm screw. The opening and closing are detected and set by position sensors and inverter slide drive control, this allows the cooker to operate with no operator intervention and minimum production down time.

The Tru-cook batch rotary cereal cooker is manufactured from 316L/904L stainless steel and is fully tested and certified to the pressure equipment directive (PED) module F European standard, the vessel is fully welded internally and externally to ensure a crack and crevice free surface, the body is then polished to a high satin finish as to ensure there are no areas that could harbour bacteria, A fully automatic cleaning cycle cleans the vessel quickly and effectively incorporated in the control system.

The Tru-cook cereal cooker comes complete with a fully programmable control system with touch screen display and cooking cycle format.

We can supply additions to complement the cereal cooker which might need to be considered for a fully automated cooking process, these being:-
  1. Product transfer of raw materials to the cereal cooker
  2. Addition of pre-weighed syrup
  3. Conveying methods after batch cooking
  4. Lump breaking
  5. Product transfer after cooking of product to following process
  6. Support structures & guarding
  7. Full process advise & design to suit your requirements
Liquor Addition (Optional equipment)
If a fully automated system is required then liquor transfer is vital, pre-weighed syrup ingredients mixed with hot water automatically feed the cooker on demand, one liquor tank can feed up to three cookers.
Our method of using a blowpot to feed the liquor to the cooker makes the cooking process more efficient and increases productivity.

Tru-Cook Rotary Cereal Cooker

Cooked product discharge
On completion of the cereal being cooked, the Tru-cook batch cereal cooker automatically opens the slide valve and the product is best delivered out onto our proven design of stainless steel slat band conveyor which can be supplied as an option.

Tru-Cook Rotary Cereal Cooker

Lump Breaking
In all aspects of cereal cooking the product produces large agglomerates, the lump breakers are designed to be included within our design of slat band conveyor.
The unit helps to break the product down to a more manageable product before transferring it to the next process.

Process Benefits
The Tru-cook cereal cooker has a proven track record in cereal manufacturing plants for over 20 years improving product quality and increasing output.