The Perfect Partnership

Trufab Limited are renowned in the Pharmaceutical & food industry for being the world number one stainless steel fabrication company, with an excellent track record for providing high quality products at a very competitive cost, we do this by using the most up to date technology but combine it with the old fashioned skill levels required for producing that high quality product.

Material traceability in today's world is paramount to the majority of our customers and over the past 30 years Trufab Limited have been business, we have honed our system to perfection.

Every material that is used is totally traceable from the time it comes in to the Company to the day it goes out as a product, and if there is any doubt on a particular material or welding consumable we have the ability to test in house any material and receive a full chemical analysis of this with our very own XRF analyser within a matter of minutes.

What better reason can there be to put your stainless steel products in the safe hands of Trufab Limited, where quality is second nature.

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