Machining & Machine Shop Capabilities

Our Machine shop as a wide range of CNC and conventional machine tools at its disposal, our team of highly skilled engineers produce a wide variety of components to our customers' specifications. We operate in high specification and tolerance sensitive markets as well as general engineering.

Whether it be one-off’s, small/large batch work, or large bespoke machining we have the capability and knowhow to meet your every need. We are proud that our client base includes a number of industry leaders. With our new 24 hour shift system, we are flexible enough to accomodate all jobs and deadlines, regardless off size.

Typically the materials we work with are stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass and engineering plastic, but with such a diverse client base we have also had to develop effective ways of working with hard wearing materials such as inconel, hastelloy, super duplex and stellite which demand the very best equipment and people.

Trufab are also a very serious player in the general fabrication industry, specializing in the manufacture of high quality fabrications in all materials, In this section we manufacture all aspects of general fabrications, platforms, silos, architectural fabrications, urban street furniture, agricultural fabrications, and with a total lift capacity of 13.5 tonnes in this section it allows us to manufacture very large fabrications.

Trufab utilises the latest Bystronic & Amada bending technology to manufacture a wide range of products. On screen capabilities allow the operator to do virtual bending on screen, allowing the operator to have comfort of mind that what he is bending will form.

The Bystronic & Amada press brakes all have dynamic crowning, which automatically adapts to the conditions of the material, thus ensuring a constant bending angle throughout the length of the product.

Our well trained CNC bending operators work with skilled Engineers to encompass an understanding of what is needed for each particular contract. With a 4mtr x 12mm thick bending capacity we are well placed in the marketplace for serious bending capabilities.

CME FMC 3000
CNC Milling Machine with Heidenhain Control
X 3000    Y 1250    Z 2000

CNC Milling Machine with Heidenhain Control
X 2000    Y 1000     Z 1500
Correa A25-50 CNC
Milling machine with Heidenhain Control
X 5000    Y 1000    Z 1500

x2 Leadwell VMC 40
CNC Milling Machine with Mitsubishi Control
X 1000    Y 300     Z 500

CNC Milling Machine with PROTRAK Control
X 770    Y 500      Z 420
XYZ TC 320 LTY CNC Turning Centre
Siemens 828D ShopTurn Control, Full ‘C’ Axis, Live Tooling & Y Axis and bar feed
Max Swing 450 x 550 long
X 270   Y 150   Z 600
XYZ ProTURN 425 Gap Bed CNC/Manual Lathe
ProtoTRAK SLX Control
480 swing  x 1250 long

Microcut 52T
Lathe with Multi-Bar feed and Fanuc OTF Control, maximum turning length
500 x 400 Diameter
Mitsubishi FX20K Wire Eroder
Submerged machining
Work piece maximum 1050 x 800 x 295 Axis travels X 500, Y 350, Z 300

Doosan DNM 400II
Vertical Machining Center
Niken 4th axis rotary table
X 762 Y435 Z 510

Doosan DNM 400II
Vertical Machining Center
Niken 4th axis rotary table
X 1020 Y 540 Z 510

Zayar KM 30 10000
Horizontal travelling Column
Machining center
X 8400 Y1250 Z 2050

Conventional Machining - Plant List (All dimensions in mm)

48" Diameter Webster & Bennett
Vertical borer
Boko Jig Borer
X 1000   Y 1000   Z 800
3x Manual Bridgeports
X 700   Y 270   Z 280
Tos Lathe
700 x 5000
Foremost Lathe
400 x 3000
Capston Herbert  No7
60 x 300