The Tru-store are a simple way of adding in control and regulating product flow, these can hold a large volume of cereal product with minimum damage and then release product downstream when the production requires it.

During the manufacture of breakfast cereal products preparation and production can vary in output to the final packing capability.

The Tru-store is an ideal storage method to even out production flow allowing efficient managing of personnel and product change over which reduces cost and makes for it very versatile.

Our stainless steel clean design allows continual movement in and out of the Storveyor on a first in, first out basis. Storveyors can vary in size up to 50m3.

Tru-store Features

First in first out’ design keeps your product fresher
Gentle handling - product only falls onto product so damage is minimised
Suitable for loose, wrapped or packet materials

25m3 Storeveyor

20m3 Storeveyor

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