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Delivering a Full-Service Fabrication Project for ESDT

After months of hard work, the TruFab team is happy to have completed our biggest project to date for European SprayDry Technologies.

Working closely with the client during the design and consultation process, we were able to advise on the best, most efficient and cost-effective way of fabrication.

This was an exciting project encompassing all our different services and techniques, including welding very thick plate to thin plate.

The process involved working with a 2mm electroplated perforated sheet, which was welded heavily internally. We needed to take the utmost care to minimise distortion, as we were unable to polish afterwards to avoid removing the electroplated surface.

A shell of strip polished 2B posed a more significant problem as you can’t perform a full polish, which means the level of care and attention to not scratch surfaces was paramount!

Manufacturing of the finished product was broken down into three major components, the top, bottom and CIP. This process made it easier to manufacture and straighten after each welding phase, ensuring perfect alignment and fit to the programmed holes.

As the top, bottom and CIP were welded together, we needed to get inside physically, which meant working in confined spaces to weld, fabricate and polish it. Moving the product around presented several issues, Including a crane which decided to die on us mid-production! However, we succeeded in the end and both the team and the client of delighted with the final result!

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