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Fabrication at its best – an Aseptic Vial Filling Isolator Module 9

The team at Trufab have been busy working on an aseptic vial filling isolator.

This is module 9 of a multi chamber line and its main function is tray storage. This particular isolator sits on top of an automatic vial filling machine.

Isolator systems can be used for quality-critical, safety-critical or combined applications, and in this case used in industrial-scale aseptic processing for formulation and filling. Aseptic processing is a technique that commercially processes thermally sterilized products (typically for pharmaceutical or food use) are packaged into previously sterilized containers under sterile/cleanroom conditions.

Here at Trufab we have the luxury of drawing upon a wealth of experience not only via our shop floor tradesmen, but also from a our highly skilled draftsmen armed with the very latest software combined with the necessary hardware requirements to back it up. The team modelled the isolator using the latest CAD software for ease of manufacture.

To make an isolator, invariably there are several sub-assemblies which come together during final fitting to yield a finished product.

Essentially the main assembly combined a variety of our services including including CNC Laser cutting and bending/forming, CNC milling and turning, TIG welding (Sheet, pipe and section)and polishing. All within the precise values as specified within the customers design criteria.

Through our combined efforts with all levels of the business working cohesively as a team, we devised a production plan, working diligently through the current Covid-19 challenges. Through our tightly controlled manufacturing process, the team worked hard to deliver a quality product to a high standard, all under one roof!

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