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CNC Bending

We know everything our clients produce is essential, which is why Trulab deliver high-quality results using only the best equipment.

This included CNC press braking technology that enables our expert team to produce accurate sheet metal CNC bending for everyone we work with.

What is CNC Bending?

Computer numerically controlled bending, CNC bending is a specific type of manufacturing that is carried out on CNC press brakes. These press braking machines work to bend sheet metal of various sizes, ranging from a few millimetres to sections that are metres across, reshaping and bending them to the specifications made by you.

Working in two distinct forms, CNC bending is either done through down forming or up forming. When speaking to our team at Trulab, they’ll be able to inform you of which method is best suited to your requirements. However, both methods produce excellent results and have no restrictions when it comes to design.

All done in-house, the machinery and capabilities we offer include:

  • Edwards Pearson 3 Metre, 100-ton press brake. Bend up to 10mm thickness
  • Edwards Pearson 3 Metre, 150-ton press break. Bend up to 12mm thickness
  • Edwards Pearson 4 Metre, 250-ton press break. Bend up to 15mm thickness
  • Amada 2 Metre, 50-ton press brake. Bend up to 8mm thickness
CNC Bending at Trufab

Using a hydraulic crowning for dynamic compensation, each machine automatically adapts to the conditions of the material, ensuring the consistency and precision of the bending angle.

Efficient, effective, low-cost and high-value, these machines are operated by highly skilled workers with years of knowledge and experience of the equipment and metals they’re using, helping to maintain exact precision throughout everything from CNC tube bending to a variety of other projects.

To find out more about CNC bending and press braking at Trufab, get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

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