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Component Assembly

Your products are just as important to us as they are to you. And, one of the most significant aspects of a completed product is the assembly.

As something that can make or break how you feel about a finished item, we provide component assembly services to ensure your items are just how you want them.

What is Component Assembly?

Regardless of the industry, you work in, chances are, your product will need some form of assembly at the end.

When working with metal and metal fabrication, if you’re using items from various places this could cause an issue, especially when it comes to the product assembly.

However, with component assembly services you’ll be able to get this done before your finished product reaches you. This will help to save you time but also improve the chances of the product looking as you wanted it, due to trained professionals assembling it.

There are several other advantages to metal assembly services too, such as:

  • Saves on logistics
  • Improves your supply chain
  • Provides a much quicker turnaround
Product Assembly Service at Trufab

Our product assembly services here at Trufab are designed to ensure your product is the best it can be while causing you as little concern as possible.

Going through every stage of the metal fabrication service, from cutting and welding to folding, powder coating and even assembly at our specialist in-house facilities, we can ensure you get your ideal product made to the highest quality in a prompt timeframe.

Conducted by industry experts, who’ve had years of experience creating end products for clients in a variety of different industries, our product assembly services have you covered at all times.

This includes a final stage of inspection to ensure all the components fit together perfectly. This service is provided following our ISO EN BS 9001 accreditation, saving you time and money.

Delivering a high-quality finished product straight to you, get in touch today to see how our product assembly services can help.

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