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While our speciality here at Trufab Ltd may lie in stainless steel, our expert team have the knowledge, experience and skills to work with a wide selection of different metals. 

Because of this, we can offer aluminium fabrication services to our clients, ensuring you get the right product, made from the right metal for you and your needs.


What is Aluminium Fabrication?

With a similar approach to the fabrication of other metals, aluminium fabrication is the process of shaping metal into a finished product.

Used in a wide range of different industries, this flexible and strong metal is fabricated into a final product through a range of different ways such as stamping, bending, shearing, welding and many more.

Bespoke Aluminium Fabrication for you

Offering many benefits, aluminium is ideal for a variety of industries and can be used for cars, aeroplanes, storefronts, packaging, construction, electronics and much more.

With a duty to deliver the best products to our clients, our in-house team of experts can offer bespoke aluminium fabrication services regardless of the industry where the finished product will be used.

Using the latest tig and mig aluminium specific welding sets, our team implement a range of services, such as aluminium welding services and aluminium polishing services, alongside bending and shearing to create innovative, customised, cost-effective products to a timescale that meets your needs.

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