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Exotic Metals

Stainless Steel and Aluminium are two of the most popular metals when it comes to industry, but, sometimes, more exotic metals are required.

A specialist section of metal fabrication, here at Trufab Ltd our team can work on those everyday metals while also being experienced exotic metal fabricators, ensuring the metal fabrication needs of all industries.

What are Exotic Metals?

Metal fabrication is often conducted on what is known as ‘normal’ metals, which are standard grades of steels and stainless steels as well as aluminium, copper, brass, and others.

Meanwhile, exotic metals are materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy C22, Super Duplex, and Stellite. These are often used due to them offering considerable resistance under reducing conditions, corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance, resistance to alkaline solutions and other similar benefits you don’t get with ‘normal’ metals.

While ‘normal’ metals have generic, well-known fabrication processes, if you require the use of an exotic metal, you’ll need more specialised exotic material fabrication.

What is Exotic Material Fabrication?

Due to exotic metals being different from the metals you would encounter on a more regular basis; exotic metal fabricators require a different level of skill and experience.

This is because depending on the metal, they may require more specialist skills, such as exotic metal welding or super deluxe pipe fabrication, amongst others. Because of this, many exotic metals can be difficult and expensive to fabricate.

At Trufab Ltd our team are skilled exotic metal fabricators, which allows them to offer a high-value, cost-effect service to bring you bespoke exotic material fabrication.

Bespoke Exotic Metal Fabrication for you

Due to years of knowledge and experience, our exotic metal fabricators know exactly how various exotic materials react and respond during rolling, bending, welding and other methods.

This allows them to conduct as much of a project in-house, using our range of machinery, to bring you a bespoke product in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Whether you work in the chemical, aerospace, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, heat treating or nuclear engineering industries, if you require exotic metal fabrication, we can offer you a market-leading service like no other.

If you have a question about exotic material fabrication, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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