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We know that getting perfect finish on all your products is vital. Regardless of how bright or subtle you want the finished shine on your items, our specialist team of metal polishers can implement several metal polishing services to give you the look you desire.

What is Metal Polishing?

Metal polishing isn’t the simple process of making the finished product look its best at the final stage. Also known as finishing or buffing, this is a process that works to remove scratches and abrasions from the metal surface of the finished product.

Alongside this, metal polishing services give the item its desired brightness and finish.

Used in a multitude of different industries, metal polishing contains several procedures that ensure it’s less abrasive than other forms of finishing or buffing to provide the finest, high-quality finish.

Metal Polishing Services at Trufab

We have many UK metal polishers here at Trufab, providing several metal polishing services to an extremely high standard that’s been developed across years of hands-on experience.

There are three distinct metal polishing services provided by our skilled technicians, where they can create any kind of finish from subtle to reflective mirror shine. These are:

  • Polishing  a manual metal polishing service for a smooth and detailed surface finish. This is often used for unusually shaped products and those with precise specifications.
  • Flatbed belt polishing  this allows a much quicker option of polishing, using belts to achieve a 320-grit finish.
  • Vibratory deburring  this process uses fast vibration, water and moulded beads to buff and smooth edges and surfaces.

Working inside our Greater Manchester facility, our team can conduct the vast majority of jobs in-house, helping to provide you with a better timescale for your finished product.

With a wide range of clients, including those in the food and pharmaceutical industries, our experts can work on items for anyone.

Find out more about our metal polishing services today, to see how we can help you.

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