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Welding Tig Material

At our Trufab facilities we don’t only hold a wide range of specialist equipment, we also have a diverse range of specialists on hand to ensure each job is executed perfectly.

Among these are our trusted, highly skilled team of coded welders, offering a wealth of coded welding experience.

What is Coded Welding?

While welding is the fabrication process that joins metal parts together, coded welding is a job completed by a trained coded welder.

A specialist job, a coded welder is someone who has completed a Welder Approval Test in a specific area of welding configuration.


These areas are:

  • TIG  a commonly used form of welding where integrity is critical.
  • MIG  used primarily in the industrial welding process, these welds are produced much quicker and cover an array of metals and alloys.
  • MMA a low cost and versatile weld, it can be done on various material in a large number of positions.
  • Fusion Welding used on polyethylene pipes, this weld uses heat and copper wire to melt ends together and is often found in gas and water pipework.
Coded Welding Services at Trufab

If you require a coded welder, we have several specialists within our team to meet your needs.

Specialising in hard-to-reach and difficult areas, our team of experts can often TIG welding services and MIG welding services alongside MMA and fusion welding too. If needed, they can use X-ray inspection technology to verify and repair invisible defects, ensuring long term material strength.

Each coded welder at Trufab is trained to BS EN 287 and 288, certifying that they are highly competent, skilled and qualified in using various materials, including steel, aluminium, nickel, alloys and many more.

To ensure the highest standard is always met for our clients, our team are retrained every two years to help them and us provide the best service available.

To enquire about a coded welder and to find out more about our coded welding services, get in touch today.

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